Alex Roldan

A specialist wildlife photographic guide, an avid ethologist, with a keen passion for conservation and the natural world – I lead wildlife journeys and photographic safaris to spectacular locations around the globe. These journeys and experiences are designed to expose you to the wondrous yet fragile balance of the natural world around us, whilst inspiring and mentoring you to capture your own images of your journey.


Having fallen in love with wildlife at a very early age and finally taking the plunge from the corporate world, I was fortunate to have trained, qualified and subsequently worked as a professional Field Guide and Ranger in various game reserves around Southern Africa – including the world renowned Sabi Sands, as well as leading private journeys to Southern and Eastern Africa.


The ethos behind my guiding and journeys is pretty straightforward and dedicated. I want you to have the best possible journey, giving you the maximum opportunity to witness and experience why you joined me on a wildlife adventure. Working as a guide is a huge privilege, it allows you to invite people in to a world you care so fervently about. It grants you an opportunity to share a passion and enthusiasm, showing first hand the best it has to offer. Which is what I strive to accomplish with all the guests who join me.


One of my main goals as a specialist guide and wildlife photographer has been to highlight the plight of what remains of the natural world around us. Using my passion and understanding, I aim to show more than just a picture. Striving to let each image tell its own story, bringing it alive and giving it greater depth by capturing fleeting moments, emotions and details which help emphasise a subject or a story unfolding before me. Whether it’s the quiet power and inquisitiveness of a rhino or the caring, protective nature of a lioness with her cubs; this is the ethos behind my photography endeavour to stay true to this vision as closely as possible with each image. 

I firmly believe that everyone can look to others for inspiration but it is more imperative to find your own style, connecting with your subject, portraying the tale of each image and sharing it in your own way, with your audience.

The three best pieces of advice I could give anyone wishing to explore wildlife photography… 

Get to know your subjects and spend as much time with them as possible.


Keep things simple but also but also experiment with your creativity.


Be persistent, keep pushing yourself. Becoming better doesn’t happen overnight and without practice.

Photography is a journey and it can take you to wondrous places. It can help you notice and appreciate things that other people might miss. I look forward to sharing my passion for the natural world and photography with you as we explore wildlife journeys together.


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