Wildlife photography journeys and safaris

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment and cancellation terms and conditions?
A ‘non-refundable’ deposit to secure your place on a safari is listed in the specific journey page. This amount is to secure reserve your space on the safari.
The remaining balance is due in full 90 days before the start of the tour, unless otherwise stated or advised. If you would like to pay the remaining balance in instalments, please get in touch.
All prices are in USD per person, unless otherwise stated.
Failure to make payments within a stipulated timeline could result in tour cancellation or your space given to someone else.
A deposit is your commitment to joining a safari and/or photography workshop. Deposits don’t typically sit in an account, they are used to cover initial expenses for safaris and workshops, such as; hotel, safari lodge and camp reservations, park permits/fees and guided tour deposits. Due to these expenses, deposits are non-refundable and tour payment made is subject to a cancellation fee.
Can I sell my spot on a safari to someone else if I can't go?
If you decide to cancel
What if I have other questions?
What insurances do I need?
Can I bring a friend, family member or non-photographic companion?
I'm a solo traveller and don't wish to opt for a single supplement, how does this work?
What camera and other gear should I bring?
What type of luggage shall I pack?
What medicines and vaccinations will I need?