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Photo-safaris... not just for professionals

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Let's put a few stigmas to rest...

What do you envisage when you hear the term ‘Photographic Safari’? Does your mind’s eye create an image of seasoned, die-hard, semi/professional photographers capturing an endless supply of National Geographic style images? Or do you think that to head out on a photo-safari, you must be armed with all the latest gear including intimidating lenses the size of a small child?

Let’s put a few of these stigmas to rest...

The word ‘safari’ originates from Swahili, meaning to go on a journey. So, a photographic safari simply means to go on a journey... and take photos.

Whether you’re heading out to your local woods, or discovering the cultures of a country, city or travelling to a wildlife diverse destination, the premise is exactly the same. The purpose of your journey is to have a new experience, to learn but to also be inspired by the world around you. In my opinion at least, this is one of the paramount foundations on which a good photographic safari should be based.

Having the latest gear doesn't make you a better photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the latest gear - or lenses so large that you’re in danger of poking that bird you are trying to photograph out of the tree. Even if you happen to be using a smart-phone, you are on a photo-safari.

Obviously, the type of images you capture will depend on the equipment that you are using, but just remember; an expensive camera does not guarantee good photos. Your creativity and imagination are the most important tools. Technical ability and skill do play a big part – but as with anything, these come with practise and learning from those around you.

Going on a photographic safari, whether it’s with family, friends or by yourself is all about the experience. Learning about your subjects, meeting new people who share common interests and learning how to improve or build your portfolio are all integral parts of your time whilst on safari.

"Travel. It leaves you speechless then turns you in to a Storyteller”

Any photographic guide who is worth their salt will not only be able to enthuse and educate you about the subjects; be it wildlife, landscapes... pretty much anything. But at the same time, give you mentorship to aide your photographic skills. Talking with you in-the-field to assist you in the moment and also discussing the day’s results with you afterwards; giving you insights into how to put in to practise what you’ve learned. In fact, I believe that this kind of mentorship is important in any learning environment.

Wildlife photography safaris are exactly the same. Heading to a destination to witness iconic wildlife, experience new cultures, to make new friends and lasting memories. It’s not just for die-hard photographers with mammoth lenses. It’s for those who love to experience the beauty in the world around them.

You will have the peace of mind and satisfaction that you are traveling with a professional, experienced guide at every step of the way. I will be on hand at all times, making sure you get the most of your time and all aspects run seamlessly. My trips are not just for seasoned photographers - whatever your level of experience, from beginner to a dedicated creative looking to build upon your portfolio – everyone is welcome and all skill levels catered for. 

All my journeys offer a small guest to photographic guide ratio, which allows for more personal attention and guidance with the aim of giving you the best, most intimate experience with the nature of your safari.

I will be on hand to assist you in capturing the best possible photos during your trip, no matter your level of photography. Helping you get the most out of your camera, offering unobtrusive, in-field photography mentorship, making sure you capture the best possible images. Assisting with camera settings, composition, explanation in to species behaviour and inspiration to try new techniques - All in aide of capturing more thought provoking images.

If you’d simply rather enjoy the wildlife and only take the occasional iPhone photo, I will be more than happy to supply you with a set of images of your journey. These can include not only the wildlife you’ve encountered but also of you on your safari.

Photography is a journey and it can take you to wondrous places. It can help you notice and appreciate things that other people might miss. I look forward to sharing my passion for the natural world and photography with you as we explore wildlife journeys together.

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