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A few kind words...

I aim to inspire my guests and give them the best possible experiences with my photographic safaris and wildlife journeys being far from ‘out of the box’. The best way to travel is to experience the real elements of the culture, wildlife and energy of a destination - this is what I aim to achieve with all the journeys that I'm fortunate to host.

Below are a few kind words left by those who have joined me on a wildlife safari and have been generous to share kind words of their experiences. Please feel free to read at your leisure and then get in touch if you would like to have an informal chat about your next wildlife journey. 


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did showing them the marvels of the natural world.


Dr. Jennifer Maloney
St. Charles, IL - USA
Uganda & Kenya - Oct/Nov 2018

To sum it all up in a nut shell…Alex offers you well-planned out, awe-inspiring, Bucket List excursions with the back support of an amazingly talented and passionate photographer to aide you in the creation of stunning, long-lasting photographic memories...  read more


Tracy & Joe Sumner

Denver, CO - USA

South Africa - August/September 2017

If you’re still undecided about going on a safari (it’s such a long flight, it’s so far away, “Can’t I just go to the zoo?”), get off the couch, book a flight and go.  It’s a life-changing experience, and absolutely worth every mile... read more


Dr. Jennifer Maloney & family

St. Charles, IL - USA

South Africa - June 2017

Alex has an undeniable passion for what he does and an obvious dedication to conservation. He is incredibly hardworking, knowledgeable and prompt, all so with a good sense of humor... read more


Banta-Bland family

Los Angeles, CA - USA

South Africa - December 2015

I can’t say enough about what a fantastic guide he is and how much we learned from him, as well as how much we enjoyed just being in his company... read more


Carter Wilson

Colorado - USA

South Africa - June 2015

Alex is an exceptional guide whose knowledge and attention to detail make for a fantastic travel experience. A guide can make or break your safari vacation, and with Alex, we had the trip of a lifetime... read more


Carla Queen-Cook & Barry Cook

Rhode Island, New England - USA

South Africa - September 2018

We have been on safari many times, in many places -- and based on that experience, we know how special Alex is...  read more


Mary Grace Cancassi

Los Angeles, CA - USA

South Africa - July 2017

If ever you are looking for an experienced, funny and extremely knowledgeable Ranger/Photo expert.. hands down.. Alex Roldan is your guy... read more


Jan & John Sparks

Coral Springs, FL - USA

South Africa - June 2017

​What a life-changing week! Thanks to Alex and his infectious enthusiasm, we had an unforgettable experience discovering the wonders of Africa... read more


Julie & Rick Pope
Connecticut - USA

South Africa - November 2015

I would recommend him to anyone thinking of employing him as a guide. He is clearly responsible and an outstanding person both critical traits when booking a trip to a far off destination.... read more


Brad Carpenter
Pennsylvania - USA

South Africa - June 2015

 His energy and love of the outdoors showed in everything he did.  I would recommend Alex for your next adventure... read more


Kristi & Larry Zimmerman-Lundt

Florida - USA

South Africa - August 2018

My husband and I had the pleasure of having Alex guide our Safari at Zulu Nyala. He is knowledgeable, respectful and his attention to detail made the trip extra special. It was truly a trip of a lifetime, but Alex was the icing on the cake!  


Laura McKellar

Boston, MA - USA

South Africa - June/July 2017

Alex is the best ranger you could ask for. He always went above and beyond to ensure we saw everything we wanted. We saw the Big 5 and more in one day thanks to him. He turned a great trip into one of the best trips of my life... read more


Melissa Martin & Shane McGeehan

Atlanta, GA - USA

South Africa - June 2017

Alex is an amazing guide who, as a photographer and trained field guide, gave us an intimate photo safari experience. read more


Ann Landis & Carol Gardner


South Africa - June 2015

​Alex was our guide/ranger for our safari in Zulu Nyala.  He met with us to do an excellent orientation and help us make decisions to maximize our experience.  During our time together our entire group fell in love with him.  His passion for his work was contagious.  I look forward to working with him again to have more fabulous travel adventures!read more

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