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Botswana - Zebra Migration & Predators


Join Alex on a journey to witness the little known but spectacular Zebra Migration in the vast salt pans of Botswana and explore the infamous Savuti which is home to mega-prides of lions

Departs: 09th March 2024 - Maximum number of guests: 4

For ten days our small group will explore Botswana’s immaculate wilderness areas with one of, if not the country’s top mobile safari outfits. After arriving in charming Maun, we travel to Nxai Pan in the depths of the Makgadigadi Basin which itself is part of the Kalahari Desert. It is here, in the heart of one of the planet’s most spectacular wilderness areas, that we find Botswana’s remarkable zebra migration and the predators which loom ominously close by.

We then travel to Moremi on the fringes of the Okavango Delta, exploring its waterways and fig tree forests which are a magnet for large herds of elephants, boasting dense populations of both predator and prey. Sightings of leopard are considered the ‘norm’.


From Moremi we head to the wild and mysterious Savuti; home to mega-prides of lions, cheetah, hyena and huge bull elephants, a plethora of others and hundreds of bird species. Savuti is reputed to have one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the African continent.

Your safari is much more than travelling to places far and wild. It’s about immersing you in the environment, giving you the best, most intimate experience with every detail taken in to consideration. Reaching fantastic places, searching for beautiful and inspiring aspects of wildlife and the natural world. All are key to helping you capture more thought provoking images.



Itinerary - Botswana Zebra Migration

Botswana is regarded as one of the pinnacle safari destinations on the entire African continent.


It’s vast, pristine wilderness areas are home to some of the best wildlife viewing in all of Africa. And this somewhat different safari will take you to untouched corners to experience wildlife in its purest form.

Zebra Migration | Nxai Pan | Mobile Tented Safari

On day one, you'll arrive in the eclectic town of Maun, Botswana we head straight in to the wilderness - travelling by road into the heart of the Makgadigadi Basin and Nxai Pan region. Our mobile safari camp will be ready and waiting for us upon arrival and will be our home for the next three nights and our base from which to explore desert salt pans and sweeping grass plains.

Botswana’s zebra migration is one of Africa’s best kept secrets and the Makgadigadi is vast, covering an area of land larger than Belgium. It is highly unlikely you will see another vehicle during your time here.

Tens of thousands of zebra migrate to find fresh, nutrient rich grazing and with them follow predators. Prides of Kalahari lions with their impressively dark manes, coalitions of cheetah, clans of hyena and leopards all bound across the salt pans as they chase their prey. This combination has potential for some remarkable wildlife sightings and stunning photographic opportunities.

From Nxai Pan, our camp moves to another very special area within Makgadigadi for one night at Baines Boababs, made famous by the British landscape painter, Thomas Baines. The reason for the move here is for you to experience the iconic baobab trees - which are often referred to as the tree of life and can live for thousands of years. These towering trees rise as giant beacons, encircled by miles of sheer, flat and boundless space and have enticed adventurers to take shelter from the harsh desert for millennia.


The photographic opportunities here are something really special and we will work on creating Timelapse and starscape photography with the moon in its waning cycle (growing smaller) which will give prominence the ocean of stars above and the Milky Way will surely be a star of the night sky show.

Exploring Waterways | Moremi Game Reserve | Machaba Safari Lodge

On day five we leave Makgadigadi behind us, we travel by road passing through Maun on the way to Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. The region is a patchwork of lagoons, shallow flood plains and forests all providing outstanding wildlife viewing whether on foot, by vehicle or by mokoro - a traditional wooden canoe.

Our home for one night and then the last night of the safari will be at the eco-luxury Machaba Safari Lodge, nestled in a riverine treeline which offers privacy, spectacular river views, a layer of warm hospitality and outstanding wildlife with large herds of elephant, buffalo and prides of lions, leopards and maybe even African wild dogs - all not too far away.

Bird enthusiasts will be in utter awe with well over 300 species found in the area including African Fish Eagles, Sacred Ibis, Crested Cranes, Pel's Fishing Owl and the Bradfield's Hornbill... to name just a few...

Predators | Savuti Channel | Mobile Safari Camp

On the morning of day six we leave Machaba and travel by road to Savuti - a wild and remote corner of Chobe National Park. This scenically striking area is an ecological mystery, sometimes drying up seemingly unrelated to rainfall. But no matter the conditions, Savuti promises to provide stunning wildlife viewing and is synonymous with mega-prides of lions (sometimes nearly thirty members strong) which historically have become infamous for hunting full-grown elephants.

The topography in Savuti can be exceptionally diverse with some areas being almost biscuit dry and others filled with lush marshes.

In Savuti we’ll arrive at our mobile safari camp which has almost miraculously been moved from Makgadigadi and set up in a prime and private area. Our local guide knows the area intimately - we’ll explore the very best hidden gems that Savuti has to boast in search of the wildlife for which the region is synonymous.

One the morning of day nine, we say goodbye to our mobile safari camp nestled in the midst of some of the purest wildlife areas in Southern Africa and head back to Machaba Lodge for a night of relaxation, rejoicing in the wonderfully comfortable surroundings… and maybe sneaking in one or two final game drives.

Day ten is unfortunately a day of farewells… catching a charter flight from Kwai to Maun (approx 30 minutes) and arriving in plenty of times for your international connections home or on to another iconic destination.


Photography - Botswana Zebra Migration

Your safari is so much more than the images you create. It’s about immersing you in the nature of your safari, giving you the best, most intimate experience with every detail taken in to consideration and enabling you to reach fantastic places is search of beautifully inspiring aspects of wildlife and the natural world.

These trips are not just for seasoned photographers. Whatever your level of experience, from beginner to a dedicated creative looking to build upon your portfolio – everyone is welcome and all skill levels catered for and I’m aware that some people are more interested in photography than others.

And with that in mind, I will be on-hand to give you exactly the level of tuition you want, helping you get the most out of your camera, offering unobtrusive, in-field photography mentorship. I’ll be making sure you capture the best possible images, helping you tell the story of your safari through a dynamic collection of images.

Small groups means more personal attention. I’ll be there to assist you with camera settings, composition, inspiration to try new techniques and explanation in to species behaviour . Helping you to capture those fleeting, story-telling moments through your lens - all in aide of capturing more thought provoking images.

Following excursions and activities, I will host photo review sessions and post production editing discussions. Without becoming too technical, these sessions are designed to help you edit your images and give you a well rounded, evocative portfolio and amazing memories to inspire and take home with you. 

I want you to leave with a newly found sense of appreciation for the natural world and already longing to return. 


Pricing - Botswana Zebra Migration

The total price for this Ten Day Zebra Migration Safari in Botswana is USD $8750.00 per person sharing - single supplement options are available so please enquire if this fits your needs.


A deposit of 25% is required at time of booking to secure your place, accommodation and allow us to book private camp areas internal flights in Botswana.

Requesting to book or to get in touch for more info couldn't be easier - simply click the button below, submit the form and Alex will be in touch to talk through this outstanding journey to Botswana with you. 

The maximum group size will be for FOUR guests. Meaning a small group, more personal attention but also very limited spaces so don't hesitate to get in touch and begin your own journey to this phenomenal part of Africa.

Enquire - BotswanaZebra Migration


  • International flights and appropriate visas.

  • Items of a personal nature.

  • Photography equipment.

  • Appropriate medical, travel and other insurances - this is highly recommended.

  • Tips and gratuities.


  • 8x nights in Meru tented accommodation (mobile safari)

  • 2x nights Machaba Safari Lodge

  • Exclusive 4x4 safari vehicle and road transport in Botswana

  • Internal flight from Khwai to Maun

  • Full-board. All meals and house drinks whilst on safari

  • Laundry service

  • Okavango Air Rescue (Safari medical emergency assistance)

  • Photography mentorship, tuition and editing sessions with your host, Alex

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